My New Planner


My New Planner

At the beginning of the year, I always find myself wanting to get organized.  This is not an uncommon thing and I know I’m not alone.  In my latest effort to get myself together, I made a planner.


Pages created in Illustrator

I bought this old “Let’s Hula” record at a thrift store for it’s crafting potential and decided it would be the perfect cover.  I then created the pages in Illustrator.  I googled planner pages and looked at about a million images and came up with a layout that I thought would work for me.  I went with weekly, clean and simple.


Hula dancer on the back cover

I love the back cover, too.  The text says that “the only thing not included is the kumuhula.  Nobody can figure out how to package the hula instructor.”  Obviously, they didn’t have DVDs and the Wii back in those days.  Still, those words serve as a parable for me in my daily planning.  Life doesn’t come with a kumuhula so I better do it myself!


The only thing not included is the Kumuhula!


3 thoughts on “My New Planner

  1. I’m definitely with you on weekly. I think of my life in terms of weeks. My husband makes fun of me for it actually. For instance, I’d never start a diet on Thursday. Diets start on Sundays. Duh.

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